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family law solicitors birmingham work within the area of the law about family matters. They choose to either work within a law practice or have their own solo practice.

Reasons You Need A Family Law Solicitor

There are several reason you may need a family law solicitor. These include:


Custody issues from a divorce or because your relationship ended, as well as other advise about the best course of action to take in this regard

Grandparents who want to see their grandchildren

Receiving advice about cohabitation or civil partnership so you know your legal rights and understand the implications if the union doesn't work out

Drafting a pre nuptial agreement so your financial interests are protected throughout the marriage

When domestic violence or abuse occur

Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

When you first start looking for a solicitor look through ads in the phone book, but don't be distracted by the biggest ads since they're not always the best. You can also talk to friends and family, asking them for recommendations.

You must use careful consideration when you're ready to hire a family law solicitor, especially if minor children or guardianship issues are involved. As such, you'll want to visit with various solicitors to make sure your personas mesh well since you'll spend a lot of time with this person. This also helps reduce the possibility of changing lawyers in the future when you grow uncomfortable with the person you hired because you made a rash decision. Make sure you also talk to anyone else who will be assisting you with your case so you'll know them as well.

Before you make a final decision, assess all legal fees. These are typically based on what type of case you have and how much time it will involve. For instance, pre nuptial agreements and name changes are usually billed a flat rate. However, if you have an ongoing case that requires court appearances or extensive research, most lawyers will bill an hourly rate.
Additionally, ongoing cases typically require a retainer fee, which is about 25‚ÄČ% of their anticipated fee. Once the solicitor renders his services you'll probably have to pay for the service in full, but some do bill on a monthly basis.

Payment plans are something you must also discuss ahead of time. Regardless of whether you have one, make sure you stay current on your payments so your solicitor doesn't refuse to continue working on your case.


Taking your time to do your due diligence before hiring family law solicitors Birmingham is important. They represent you in an issue that's near and dear to your heart. For this reason, you want to make sure that they know what they're doing and are highly skilled in these tasks. At the same time, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and have the money you'll need for hiring them. So, take your time and work through this decision carefully the first time so you don't have to work through it another time.